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Single Mom Advice

Don’t let anyone tell you that you and your children cannot be successful because you are a single mom. It simply is not true. There are many incredible people who were raised in single family homes. Nevertheless, there are a few things I’d like to share to help you and your family do life more successfully.
1) Have some no kid time. This might mean scheduling a few hours a week to get out of the house and get a pedicure or read a good book. There is always a lot to do, laundry, going grocery shopping, etc. I promise you it will be there tomorrow, but this time is for you and only you to charge your battery. So get a babysitter or do a time swap with another mom and get out.
2) Don’t obsess over things you can’t control. If your children’s father doesn’t spend time with them like he should, it’s his problem not yours. Focus on what you can control and what a great parent YOU are.
3) If you need to take a time out because you’re feeling stress, do it. Putting the kids to bed early so you can have a few minutes to yourself is not a crime. It might actually be good for them and I know it will be good for you. So get rid of the guilt.
4) Don’t try to do it all. There is nothing wrong with feeding the kids pancakes sometimes for dinner. It won’t kill them and they will probably enjoy it. Give yourself a break. Remember, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart all of the time. 
5) Don’t be a man hater. Just because your marriage didn’t work doesn’t mean your daughter’s marriage won’t. Point out the good qualities in men so she has an idea about how things should be.
6) Congratulate yourself on what you are doing and quit focusing on what you are not doing. Life isn’t perfect. It’s ok that your kids don’t have name brand shoes. Matter of fact it’s probably better that they don’t. Kids that receive everything they want grow up into big kids with a sense of entitlement and that only comes back to bite them in the end.
7) Be prepared. Keep band aids, snacks, a few small toys and plenty of wet wipes close at hand for those little emergencies. Put them in a plastic bag in your purse or car.