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The Balancing Act: Walking the Path with Martha and Mary

Excerpt from the upcoming book “Daughters of Faith” by Beth D. Baus

“In the quiet moments, before the day begins, I find myself reflecting on the timeless tale of Martha and Mary, two women whose lives intertwined with Jesus in ways both ordinary and profound. As a pastor's wife, navigating the delicate dance between ministry and personal life has been a journey marked by challenges, joys, and, above all, the pursuit of balance.

Martha and Mary each chose to serve Jesus in their unique way. Martha, with her bustling efficiency, epitomized the essence of hospitality and service. Meanwhile, Mary, with her quiet devotion, found solace and wisdom at the feet of the Master.

Their story resonates deeply within me, for I too strive to embody the virtues of both Martha and Mary. I understand the allure of constant busyness, the compulsion to always be doing something for others and the Lord. Yet, like Mary, I recognize the importance of carving out moments of stillness, of sitting at His feet and allowing His presence to permeate my soul.

Grief, too, is a familiar companion on this journey. Martha and Mary experienced the searing pain of loss when their brother Lazarus passed away. In their sorrow, they could have succumbed to bitterness and despair, feeling abandoned by the One they loved. Instead, they found comfort in Jesus, who wept with them and ultimately brought forth resurrection and hope.

In my own life, I've encountered moments of profound loss and heartache. Yet, through it all, God has been faithful, turning my mourning into dancing, my losses into gains. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, the departure of a child, or the upheaval of plans, I've learned to trust in His promise to make all things new.

My favorite scripture, Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; And lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, And he shall direct thy paths”, serves as a guiding light on this journey of faith: It's a reminder that even in the darkest of times, we can find solace in His unfailing love and provision.

Like Martha, I may find myself up and about, tending to the Father's business even amidst grief and uncertainty. Yet, through it all, I cling to the belief that serving others is the highest calling and that our present circumstances do not define God's promises for our future.

So, as I continue to navigate the ebbs and flows of life as a pastor's wife, I do so with a heart inclined towards both service and stillness, trusting that God will always make a way where there seems to be no way. For in Him, I find the perfect balance of Martha's industrious spirit and Mary's contemplative soul, knowing that ultimately, it is His grace that sustains me through it all.”

  • Sis Dorcas Hammond, Georgia


In the bustling rhythm of life, the stories of Martha and Mary echo through the ages, offering timeless wisdom for women navigating the complexities of their roles and responsibilities. As I ponder their journey, intertwined with the teachings of Jesus, I am reminded of the delicate balance between action and reflection, service, and self-care.

Like Martha, many women today find themselves immersed in the constant demands of serving others, whether it be in their careers, families, or church community. The urgency to keep pace with the whirlwind of responsibilities can often overshadow the need for quiet moments of contemplation, for sitting at the feet of Jesus and drawing strength from His presence.

Yet, amid life's busyness, the story of Mary serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of stillness, of carving out sacred spaces in our lives where we can pause, listen, and replenish our spirits. It is in these moments of quietude that we find solace, wisdom, and renewed purpose, aligning our hearts with the rhythm of grace that flows from God Himself.

As Christian women, we are called to navigate the ebb and flow of life with a heart inclined towards both service and stillness, trusting in God's provision and guidance every step of the way. Whether we find ourselves bustling about like Martha, tending to the needs of others, or seeking refuge at the feet of Jesus, like Mary, we can rest assured that our faithfulness will be met with divine grace and favor.

In the pursuit of balance, may we prioritize our relationship with God, align our aspirations with His divine plan, set healthy boundaries, nurture meaningful relationships, care for our physical and emotional well-being, practice gratitude and contentment, seek wisdom from Scripture and the preaching of His Word, and above all, trust in the providence of our Heavenly Father.

For in Him, we find that perfect balance, knowing that His grace is more than sufficient to sustain us through every season of life.